Tuesday Tidbits

I can’t believe how busy I have been lately.  I feel like it’s just been a whirlwind around here.

I need to place a supply order to get some more candles made.  I also need photos, staging, descriptions yada yada yada.  The never ending life of a home business owner!

My little studio finally got cleaned out!  Hallelujah!  Now to work on some stained glass.  I’ve missed my glass so much.  I love cutting and grinding and foiling and soldering!  I find it relaxing.

Then there is always the sewing room.  Quilts, furry love clothes, accessories, you name it, you will find it there in varying stages of completion.

There are so many things coming, I can hardly contain myself.  I can’t wait to get it all up!  And after that, we start the process over again!  I think I need a nap!


Busy Bee with a Bum Neck

Even though my neck is out and extremely painful, I managed to get in the kitchen and make candles yesterday.  I now have ALL scents available!  Some of them include:

Pirates Pleasure:  A delish scent that will fill your home with the fragrance of golden rum!  Customers LOVE this one!

Luscious Lilac:  True lilac scent that will have you feeling like you are walking through and English Garden!

Peachee Keen:  Close your eyes and be transported to the middle of a Georgia Peach orchard.

Seduction:  The sweet smell of Jasmine will fill your home and consume you.  This one is a winner on all levels!

And many more to choose from!  Visit my Etsy store for more!  Simmons Creek

A New Week

Monday.  Just the sound of the word sends chills through some people because they have to go to that dreaded J.O.B.  I love Mondays.  I love Tuesdays and I love every other day of the week because I can work in my jammies if I feel like it.  Ok so it’s too hot for jammies but I can work in my shorts!

There is nothing I love more than waking up, (at whatever ungodly hour that is) and I can drink my iced coffee, work at the computer a bit and then hit the studio.  I am free to do whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.  Yes, I run a business and things need to be done and my time is not always my own, however, for the most part I am free of restrictions.

Whether I need to make candles, sew up some furbaby outfit, make some jewelry or whatever, I can do it.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

An old dog

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I beg to differ.  I have a wonderful Facebook friend, Kevin, who taught this old dog some new tricks yesterday.  He has been such a gigantic help to me!  I can’t thank him enough.

If you have any interest in homesteading, becoming self reliant etc, I invite you to check out his blog.  There is some great information there.  Here is the link:   https://lonewolfacres.com/homestead-blog/  Tell him Lora sent you!

I’m back!

Looking at previous posts, it’s been about 2 months since I’ve posted.  This time there is a legitimate reason for it.  I injured my neck and haven’t been able to sit for any length of time.  It still isn’t 100% and I will say that I am tired of it.  The pain is unbearable.  I am, however, able to sit long enough to pop out a few posts so here I am.

I had lots of time to think while I was down.  Planning, writing, thinking, doodling, jotting ideas, you get it.  So I should not have trouble coming up with anything to write about for awhile!  Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Things have been busy here at the Creek!  Lots of product in testing and getting ready to list!

This has to be one of my favorite parts of our business.  Research and Development.  Creating new products.  Taking one idea and turning it into something amazing.

I hope you will follow our blog to keep up to date on all the happenings here!

Let’s try again!

I must have some kind of “blog phobia”  or “blog brain block” because I have tried this numerous times and have failed miserably.

I have vowed, this time, to learn all I can about blogging and how to do it.  I want my blog to be interesting, informative and more.  I don’t want it to be stuffy.

So, here we go!  Let’s do this!